Available in many calibers, the new 2023 model of Venatic offers a long-range crossover feel. Built on the iota EKO X light weight stock stock, featuring a vertical grip carbon fiber stock, it provides a solid long-range foundation whether on the range or in the field. The Venatic also features a TriggerTech trigger, Benchmark 416R 5 groove stainless steel barrel, and The all new ultralight Horizon Stiller WOMBAT action and is guaranteed to shoot .5 MOA. 

*Bipod and optics not included in price. 

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Welcome to the world of precision shooting with the Horizon Firearms Venatic rifle! Our exceptional firearm is designed to elevate your shooting experience, whether you're on the range honing your skills or venturing into the field for the ultimate hunting expedition.

Crafted to perfection, the Venatic is available in a wide array of calibers, ensuring you find the ideal match for your shooting preferences and requirements. Embracing a long-range crossover feel, this rifle is engineered to impress even the most discerning marksmen and hunters, offering unparalleled performance and accuracy.

One of the key highlights of the Venatic is its foundation – the iota EKO X stock. This cutting-edge stock features a state-of-the-art vertical grip carbon fiber design, ensuring a rock-solid and comfortable shooting experience. With its ergonomic contours and sturdy construction, the iota EKO X stock sets the stage for precision shooting at any distance.

Equipped with advanced components, the Venatic guarantees exceptional performance. Its TriggerTech trigger ensures a crisp, clean break, enhancing your shooting control and accuracy. The Benchmark 416R 5 groove stainless steel barrel further complements the rifle's performance, delivering exceptional consistency and precision shot after shot.

At the heart of the Venatic lies the all-new Horizon Stiller WOMBAT action, a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability. This precision-engineered action ensures smooth and flawless operation, allowing you to focus on the thrill of shooting without any distractions. Weighing in at only 22.5 oz the WOMBAT is the ultimate light weight action for any rifle platform.

With a promise to deliver superior accuracy, the Venatic is guaranteed to shoot .5 MOA, setting the standard for precision shooting rifles. Whether you are a seasoned competitor striving for perfection or a dedicated hunter seeking to make every shot count, the Venatic rises to the occasion, providing the precision and reliability you need to succeed.

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